Andrew Becerra - Class 8

If at first you don’t succeed...

Imagine transitioning out of the US Army in Nov 2009 with no direction on what to do next. For six years I started and stopped college classes and battled PTSD until I found a program which pairs Service Dogs, where I met Piper and who has been with me every day and sleepless night since.

In the spring of 2017, I was outside my apartment brushing Piper when a neighbor, walking his dog, told me he was taking the Veterans4Quality class and how it taught him QA and how to find employment. I enrolled in May and before finishing was offered and accepted my first IT job. I was finally on my way forward.

My new adventure...

Little did I know when I graduated just how well prepared I was for the work ahead. I was ‘tossed into the fire’ day one with features to test and a hard release date. I started by developing a test plan and creating a test suite with all proper documentation while I manually tested features and bug fixes.

Asking questions, breaking the problem down, shadowing developers and learning new skills are the fundamentals for success in my new career. Every day is a new challenge, something new to learn, a new goal to reach; this keeps my mind working and the job interesting.

My life since Veterans4Quality...

Life outside of work is amazing. My new career in IT came with an income that has rapidly increased and allowed my family and I to enjoy homeownership, investments in our future and financial stability. We are expecting our second daughter and I now have peace of mind knowing that my career is successfully underway.

I am proud of my transition out of the military, which has been really more of a transformation. QA is not a solo act, it’s a team approach all the way. The Army prepared me for teamwork and Veterans4Quality prepared me for the work I now deliver on that team. I’m living my best life now.

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