Made of the Higest Quality

Made of the
Highest Quality

Veterans that protected our country
are ready to protect your product release.

Find out how our QA training and military experience
can provide your company with battle-ready testing.

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Made of the Higest Quality


Veterans understand a good leader must also be a good follower.

Find out how we actively participate in discussions and emerge to fully support your decision and direction.

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Made of the Higest Quality


Veterans can think on their feet and produce needed results.

Find out how our attention to detail and adaptability to changing situations can creatively solve your challenges.

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Made of the Higest Quality


Veterans value structure, procedure, and hard work and act with a sense of duty to the organization they serve.

Find out how our will-to-win can be solely focused
on your mission.

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Made of the Higest Quality


Veterans are routinely handed large amounts of responsibility.

Find out what our principle of accountability means to having your assets maintained and ready for deployment.

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Our Mission

Veterans4Quality® trains military Veterans in the skills of software quality assurance engineering. We assist Veterans with the transition from military life and invest in the people who secure our freedoms. Graduates find new purpose after serving by filling technical positions at multiple levels in companies of all sizes.

This training program is exclusively for US Veterans and offered free of charge. Fast-track classroom training is combined with the opportunity for hands-on paid internships, earning graduates a Certificate of Completion within three months.


Team work is a core component of all that we do at Whole Foods Market. Great teams happen when people with different sets of experiences come together and allow each other to do what each does best. We’ve found that adding Veterans to our teams have brought the best military experiences from initiative to leadership to team work to working under pressure to self direction. This has helped our teams improve and in turn our teams have been able to share their experiences that allow the Veterans to advance their skills in software development and quality assurance.
Brad Power
Web & eCommerce - Digital Technology - Whole Foods Market
We had the pleasure of working with two interns from the Veterans4Quality organization in the summer of 2015. Both interns learned quickly and made significant contributions to their assigned development teams. I would consider future internship opportunities with this program.
Carl Shaulis
Senior Director of Quality Engineering - HomeAway
At both ARRIS and now at Q2, I have gotten great software testing engineers that get up to speed within a few weeks instead of much longer. This is due to the level of dedication and commitment drawn from their service to our country and with the software testing training they are given prior to coming on board. This program is an outstanding proving ground that is a win-win situation for not only the participants but the employer.
These resources are very passionate about the testing lifestyle and how it works in a product/services world. They are very willing to learn and take the responsibility and accountability of their responsibilities thereby being a valuable member of the team.
Steve Allen
Sr. Director, Test Engineering - Q2 eBanking

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About Us

Board of Directors

Ron MacKay,
Executive Director
Ron MacKay's experience as a returning Veteran was the inspiration for this innovative program. MacKay, a 20-year Army veteran, served in Korea, Kuwait and Iraq.

Upon retirement from the Army in 2012, Ron joined the Austin Police Department where he serves as the manager of the research and planning division.
Brenda Hall,
Brenda Hall is the Founder of Veterans4Quality® and the CEO of Bridge360® where this program was designed and launched in 2014. Her lifetime of experience connects companies with the resources needed to achieve quality solutions throughout the entire software and project development lifecycle.

An industry recognized expert on both business and technological aspects of international product delivery, Brenda has led many project teams specializing in building global software and delivering Quality Assurance Centers of Excellence.
Susan Barbour,
Susan Barbour is the COO at Bridge360® and is the behind-the-scenes support for this state-of-the-art program.

Using her background in Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, and Strategic Planning, Susan’s work helps Austin companies meet their IT staffing needs with talented Veterans from short-term assignments to full-time employment.
Ryan Timoney,
Board Member
Ryan Timoney started coding during middle school starting with QuickBASIC, HTML and JavaScript and interned as an ASP developer in high school. He also started a sole proprietorship in college making websites. After graduating with a business degree, he joined the Army and became an Artillery officer. On a deployment to Afghanistan, he was injured by a suicide bomber. After medically retiring, he returned to software development were he found it difficult to get a foot in the door without a Computer Science degree or formal work experience.

After enrolling in the Veterens4Quality® program he earned a QA internship. After three months of hard work he applied and recieved a job with a maturing startup. By the end of the his first week, he was asked to supervise the work of the foreign QA team, as well as create regular deployments, and build a Continuous Integration/Continuous Test pipeline.
Carl Shaulis,
Board Member
Carl Shaulis is the Senior QA Engineer at HomeAway®. Prior to 2000, Carl was a chemist managing an air laboratory in Austin, Texas until a close friend encouraged Carl to enter the dot-com boom as a tester.

You can find Carl teaching many of our classes on Automated and Manual Software Testing. He also hosts several knowledge exchange sessions during the phase when internships are underway.
Stuart Boyd,
Board Member
Stuart leads technology teams that deliver innovative solutions at a high rate of velocity. A wide set of professional experience has shown him what makes individuals and teams succeed across various types of companies and technologies.

First hand experience with the Veterans4Quality® program and it’s students only reinforces his belief in the organization. His contributions to Veterans4Quality® draw on his professional experience, prior work within a nonprofit, and serving nonprofits.

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